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The Women

Anya Zimmerman-Smith, CMC'21, Vice President

Anya Zimmerman-Smith (affectionately known as Anya Bean) is a magnificent and wise wood nymph hailing from Redwood City, CA. A junior at CMC, Anya Bean is majoring in philosophy with a minor in wine and cheese parties. A renowned child star, Anya’s first major radio hit was a heartfelt, poignant ode to crabs entitled “Clipper Cloppers.” Following her worldwide acclaim as a prolific child songwriter, you can now find her meditating in the forest, making incredible jewelry from scratch, and screaming the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac all through the night. Anya’s friends love her for her beautiful, folky voice, her misguided but earnest attempts at sarcasm, and her ice cold stares every time one of us doesn’t shut up in rehearsal.

Celeste Terni, CMC'19

Celeste "Dustin" Terni was admitted into the group on the pretense that she would be quirky and jazzy. Unfortunately, she revealed herself to be the loudest person in existence, both in personality and in actual loudness. She is neither quirky nor jazzy. However, she has hiccuped once an hour for the past six years, please send help in the form of sympathy money or a cure. When she is not hiccuping, Celeste manages the Lowe Institute of Political Economy, ballroom dances, and was recently divorced, hence the nickname "Divorce A-Terni." This bio has now been brought to completion.

Grace Corrigan, SCR'22

Grace "Gr****" Corrigan is a sophomore at Scripps. Our new soprano hails from Walnut Creek, California and is a prospective Neuroscience and Psychology dual major! Catch her leading rehearsal warm-ups with her perfect pitch. Fun fact, she gets ten hours of sleep every night. We love her almost as much as she loves making obscure meme references.

Julia Rogers, POM'21

Julia Rogers is so excited to be a part of the After School Specials this year! Julia hails from the Bay Area and is a junior at Pomona College where she enjoys dabbling in music and psychology. When she’s not in ASS, you can catch her scootering, swimming, and sleeping! A wacky fact about Julia is that she can touch her tongue to her nose! Wacky relatable content!!!

Langa Chinyoka, SCR'21

Langa is an Aquarius sun, Aquarius moon, and Scorpio rising. Less importantly, she is a junior at Scripps College, majoring in English with a minor in American Studies. She is studying America because, although she lives in New York City (she swears it’s the “greatest city in the world, like deadass” although she’s never even owned a pair of Timbs), she was actually born in Zimbabwe and is a British citizen. She no longer has an English accent, a shame because she would be much cooler if she did, but she can slip back into it seamlessly as a party trick. Inexplicably, it also sometimes re-appears when she raps. When she’s not singing in ASS, she is writing songs and obsessively curating her instagram feed. If you think this is obnoxious, you’re correct. However, she is a self described “aspiring soundcloud rapper”, so what else do you expect?

Olivia Klugman, PZ'19

Olivia (Yung Kleezy) Klugman won the International Championship for College Water Bottle Losing four years in a row. As a senior sociology major/media studies minor at Pitzer, she spends the majority of her time pondering how the hell she is going to get a job next year. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Olivia likes to cry near birds and play them soft Sufjan Stevens covers on her well-loved ukulele. In the wild, she can be spotted eating vegetarian burritos filled with legumes in her maroon 1999 Subaru Outback and then complaining about her Irritable Bowel Syndrome approximately 25 minutes later.

Perrin York, SCR'19, Music Director

Some would say that Perrin likes a cappella a little bit too much. She has been to not 6, not 7, but five concerts by the famous a cappella group “Pentatonix” and even has a medium-sized poster of them in her dorm room. Being our music director this year, Perrin has enjoyed trying to tell people what to do and trying to get the group to take her seriously but usually ends up saying things like “spencer your D is flat” and losing all efforts of focused rehearsal. Any attention is good attention, she says. Perrin is from Denver, CO and is studying music theory and psychology with future career goals mirroring that of her 7-year-old self such as being in the Disneyland parade. She loves doggos and smol things and the sun and, of course, a cappella.

Troy Wynne, SCR'22

Troy "All I do is Wynne" "blush goddess" "Vanessa" Wynne is a vegan, which is the most important fact about this wonderful Scripps first year. Originally from Washington, DC, she (quietly) brings her beautiful tone, like a soft vocal hug, to the group. She is a prospective Environmental Analysis major - she has never been bitten by a mosquito, so that probably explains it. Also, she works.

The Men

Brendan Suh, CMC'19, Co-President

Brendan (A.K.A. Blender) Suh is senior at CMC with the drive of a work horse and the sensitivity of a prepubescent dove. At CMC, Brendan studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) with a dual degree in Economics. Brendan is known for his love of electronic music, his bubbly personality, and his performance of “Oliver!” in the third grade. When he’s not stumbling to learn the baritone part, Brendan spends his time eating grilled chicken at CMC’s Collins dining hall, listening to music in his room, or procrastinating by watching “Friends.”

Joshua Tatum, CMC'21

Joshua Tatum (lovingly referred to as J.T. [or Santa Claus]) is a tall, strapping, bearded, hopelessly dopey lumberjack who was raised by wolves somewhere outside of Chicago (if he ever tells you that he’s from Chicago the city, he’s a liar). J.T. is a junior at CMC majoring in economics, finance, and looking like a grandfather at the ripe old age of 19. In his free time, he likes lifting heavy things, fangirling over John Mayer, and practicing grapevines in the mirror. His soulful, dulcet tones and smoky falsetto are famous throughout Southern California, as is his propensity for life-affirming late night talks and ridiculously comforting bear hugs. Oh, and his pecs. And beard. Mainly those.

Kai Vogel, CMC'19

Kai Vogel loves to sing! As a senior in the group this year, he likes to think of himself as the “relatable, trendy senior that people can come to for advice and whatnot”. Raised in Berkeley, CA, he has an affinity for delicious food, down jackets, and reusable tote bags. Kai loves all things a cappella and considers it a way to escape from the stressful life that comes with being a college student. Kai studies Philosophy and Public Affairs at CMC and spent the previous semester working and taking classes in Washington, DC; to say that he enjoys politics is an understatement. When he’s not at rehearsal, you can find Kai all over the Claremont Colleges finding the best study spots, enjoying his daily fix of Yerba Mate, or stuffing his face with Rice Krispie treats at Ath tea.

Malik Power, POM'21

Malik "mpapo" Power. Malik is too busy taking up space or doing a handstand to allow the bio-writers space to complete their craft. Malike like doing handstands and attention.

Michael Andy, POM'21

Michael "Min" Andy is a junior at Pomona College. When he's not singing anything that comes to his mind, playing rugby, or dancing hip-hop with Groove Nation, he's singing anything that comes to his mind. A prospective Politics-Philosophy-Economics major, it is a wonder that he can fit in all the courses with all the League that he plays. It is also a wonder that he knows literally everybody at he 5Cs, or at least they know him. In addition, ta de zhong wen fei chang hao! 哈哈!

Russell Salazar, HMC'19

Russell "Razobedazo" Salazar is a senior at Harvey Mudd college. Though his heart may be split between CMC and Mudd as a 3-2, Economics-Engineering student, his true heart lies in the musical tones that he makes every week with the group. A true quintuple threat, Russell Jason Apostol R.B. Salazar has been, at some point in time, the VP, the bass, a tenor, a baritone, and a soloist for the group. This is a true reflection of his wide-ranging interests, from crushing opponents in Smash, to optimizing supply chain for major automotive companies, to coding the "next big thing." Catch Russell at Lumbridge - "5k for gf," being awake at ungodly hours of the night, or cooking delicious dumplings!

Sam Epstein, PZ'21

Sam is a junior who studies Music and Psychology at Pitzer. He was born and raised in Long Beach, California. Sam is a singer/songwriter, who’s style is heavily influenced by pop, R&B, and net-soul music. He aspires to become a performing/recording artist, and is always looking for opportunities to pursue singing in unique ways. He specifically chose the After School Specials because they are a fun-loving and talented group that balances work and creativity (mostly), and has lots of chaotic fun. Sam also has a strong passion and interest in social justice, psychology, superheroes, and movies. A cool/weird fact about Sam is that he can hum and whistle at the same time, and he sang before he spoke.

Zach Fogel, CMC'22

Zach "Zach Fogel" Fogel is worth approximately $25 million, par for the course for a Claremont McKenna athlete. He is widely known as the modern Troy Bolton (mostly by himself), as an aficionado on the football pitch as a quarterback as well as on the stage in various musicals. Some choose between the jock and the singer, but Zach is the man who can do both. Catch him at a play, wearing tank-tops, and camo-colored CMC outfits.

The Rhythm Section

Carter Henderson, CMC'21

Carter Henderson is easily the most basic junior member of the After School Specials, who just so happens to be the group’s beatboxer. He currently lives in Chino Hills, located 30 mins from campus. Despite attending the famously career-focused CMC, Carter is a Religious Studies major. During rehersal, you can catch him making weird faces, beatboxing to himself, and doing extremely bro things with Josh Tatum (JT) ^. When Carter is not making nuanced fart sounds for the group, you can find him working out, dancing for no reason, freestyle rapping for anyone who will listen, and playing video games as a substitute for consuming alcohol for stress-coping purposes.

Spencer Louie, POM'19, Co-President

Spencer hails from Vancouver, Canada and you will know this if you meet him because he will tell you as much. A senior at Pomona College, Spencer majors in Economics and double minors in Politics and Math. He also sings bass, with a voice so low that you often cannot hear what he is saying in loud restaurants or even in regular conversation. In rehearsal, Spencer is often one of the quieter members, preferring to stick to a corner where his notes resonate best. In his free time, you can find Spencer procrastinating, looking at excel spreadsheets, or napping.