About Us


About the group

The After School Specials! hail from the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of liberal arts colleges in the Southern California area. Characterized by their upbeat attitudes, green attire, and signature A.S.S. (After School Specials) hats, they sing their own arrangements that cover an expansive range of music. Their members are as diverse as the music they sing with members from all corners of the country and world. They major in fields spanning all academic disciplines, across the gamut of the humanities and sciences. The group believes in creating a space for passionate individuals that share a love for making music, regardless of their backgrounds – their goal is to create a community to share and create great music.

The After School Specials have also had the privilege of performing and recording at various exciting locations. Past venues include The Fonda Theatre, Diane Warren's recording studio, and the White House. It is their great pleasure to showcase their assets in front of as many people as possible, and they hope that they can continue making music wherever people want to listen.